Swimming in the channel!

Abbie and I on the beach

The English Channel is cold. Very cold. But you can’t spend six months living so close to the coast of the English channel and not go swimming in it. So yesterday was a gorgeous day and some of my housemates and I decided we would go to the Brighton Beach and just spend the day there. Take a break from all of our revision and just relax. The sun was shining and it was “warm” for English standards. A scorching 75 degrees fahrenheit. It honestly felt really hot. Not quite sure how I’m going to survive once I return to the humid and hot temperatures of the US. But anyways, we went to the beach. And it was so crowded! There were more people at the beach then I think I’ve seen on any of the other beaches I’ve been to in my life. Not that I go to that many beaches, I’m not really the beach vacation type of person.

So we just laid around for awhile and then finally we decided we might as well walk towards the waters edge more. Our feet hit the water and boy was it cold. So we just sort of stood there and let the waves crash over onto our feet making sure that we didn’t get too close. Although at this point my swimming withdrawal kicked in because it has been awhile since I’ve really been in water. Needless to say, I decided to brave the cold temperatures and head in. Probably some of the coldest water I’ve been in in my life that I can remember but I’m so glad I went in because now I can truly say I swam in the English channel. Although it did make me wonder how people survive swimming all the way to France from England because I think I would die of hypothermia!

Although I did notice that unlike most other beaches I’ve been at, the people here were there solely for soaking up some rays, because there were only a handful of people actually in the water. There were a few kayaks out and sailing boats but not that many people actually swimming. Friday was the most crowded I had ever seen Brighton and it turns out that lots of people just take the train down from London on absolutely gorgeous days to soak up the sun and just relax, do some shopping, and eat some wonderful food. Honestly I am so happy, I am studying here. I can’t imagine a more interesting and relaxing place.

P.S. Wish you were here.

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